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Made up of the rich biodiversity of the mighty Western Ghats, the northernmost state of Kerala - Kasaragod is a place that is just waiting to be explored. With more than its fair share of beaches, forts, temples and historically relevant sites, there is certainly no dearth of places for you to check out during your visit.

Sree Gokulam Nalanda Resorts is easily accessible and located within close proximity of several tourist attractions, making it a popular choice amongst tourists paying a visit to Kasaragod. Elegantly designed interiors, rooms with resplendent decor and top-notch service topped off by serene surroundings, all make for reasons why your experience with us at one of the best resorts in Kasaragod will be one to cherish. 

The rooms at our resort are all exquisitely furnished and equipped with a host of modern-day amenities. With a design that blends tradition with present-day styling, our resort offers the best of both worlds. Unwind by treating yourself to the breathtaking views of the nearby river and the unique blend of comfort coupled with luxury when you stay with us during your visit to Kasaragod.