The Chrysoberyl Hotel

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This five-star luxury hotel is located right at the heart of Kottayam town, which gives Chrysoberyl the advantage of easy accessibility.

We are committed to make the moments our guests spend with us the most memorable and comfortable. Be a business traveller or leisure traveller, Chrysobeyrl offers you gracious hospitality in an atmosphere of luxury, serenity and comfort.

With cozy conference halls and convention and banquet halls, Chrysoberyl is an ideal location for business meetings and celebrating special occasions. Our experienced staff and standard facilities will help you to organise your meetings and other events successfully, without hassles and headaches.


Be it a business meeting, family get-together or celebrating a special occasion, Chrysoberyl has a number of venues on offer. Here you can play the perfect host by organizing the event hassle-free with the help of our experienced staff. We will take care to ensure that you spend time with your guests without any other tensions.

Onix - The Convention Hall

The Convention Hall at Chrysoberyl is named Onix, the black stone which is believed to provide self mastery and inner strength. It is an ideal venue to host any event from weddings to corporate and social functions. The hall can accommodate 600 pax and moving crowd of more than 2,000 at a time. Our experienced and expert staff will contribute towards making the event successful and memorable.

Elmas - The Banquet Hall

The beautifully illuminated giant banquet hall at Chrysoberyl is named Elmas, the Turkish word for diamond. It provides a perfect platform for all kinds of formal and entertainment events. It’s very large and can accommodate around 400 people at a time.


Agate - Conference Halls

The conference halls here-Agate, Larimar and Opal- can accommodate 150 pax to 200 pax in the theatre style. These halls are the most suited for all kinds of board meetings.

Smeraldo - The Poolside

The poolside area, named Smeraldo, which is the Italian word for emerald, can be the perfect setting for corporate launches or birthday parties and receptions.

Spinel - The Board Room

The boardroom is aptly named Spinel, the red gemstone which is believed to have healing powers and provides clearer thoughts and creative ideas. It is ideal for corporate meetings and discussions and has all the necessary arrangements.