Marina Residency

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Marina Residency, the elegant and exclusive Luxury Business Class Hotel is the most sought after destination among both Business & Leisure Travelers in Calicut. The Hotel provides Three Star Extravaganzas at an amazingly down to earth price. The intention, as our ad line clearly shows, is to make high end hospitality available to all. Just check in to the Hotel and realize that luxury can't be more affordable than this. The Hotel launched just three years back is already a phenomenal success and highly reputed brand in the Malabar Hospitality Industry. Exquisite interiors, impeccable service, fine cuisine and state of the art technology come together to create an experience that will give you lasting memories.

Within three years of operations, the Hotel ranked #1 in TRIPADVISOR and has been maintaining #2 rank. We were awarded The Certificate of Excellence for 2013 by TRIPADVISOR.