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Marriage is a land mark in life. It is founded on love & affection. It is legal and social significance. Both the families are getting together and a new relationship forms and unites both the families together. Ancient people consider that marriage is settled in heaven by the grace of God. It is the basic of the family and it's dissolution as well as confirmation as a matter of social interest. It is mould out of which the future generation comes out. In our own country, marriage has been considered a sacrament and comprehence in the equality of the partner in a happy family life. Hence in every marriage we pray to god to shower the choicest blessing on the happy, newly wedded young couple. Mani Mahal is located at Ramalakshmi Nagar, Hope college, Peelamedu, Near manis theater, Coimbatore has spacious dining hall, modern kitchen with sophisticated equipment and A/c Rooms. The amenities here are excellent and incomparable. It is architect designed Kalyana Mandapam.A hall for Weddings, Betrothal, engagements, Birthday parties, Get-togethers, Exhibitions, Seminars, Conferences etc.