NC Gardens

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NC Gardens & Beach Resort is nestled in a small cove on the Malabar coast of Kerala set amidst a lush green coconut grove with tall coconut palms sashaying to the tune of salty breeze from the Arabian Sea. A pristine stretch of virgin beach stretches long and is a splendid retreat for sea worshippers. The palm fringed beach outlines 15 acres of lush green coconut plantation complete with traditional cottages that makes you feel worlds away from reality.

luxurious accommodation offers the comfort and convenience of home in a beautiful setting. The accommodation is set nestled amidst 15 secluded acres of beachfront tropical gardens and a very private 3/4-mile white-sand beach.


We have 3 spacious cottages and 4 inter-connected rooms built in tune with Kerala tradition offering a captivating view of the sea and are equipped with all modern amenities.