Adlux International Convention Center


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Adlux International Convention & Exhibition Centre is one of India’s largest convention & exhibition centres and boasts the distinction of being the largest convention centre in South India. With over 180,000 sq.ft of built-up space, the centre is professionally managed by a highly experienced team with vast years of experience in the hospitality & events sector.

Completed in 2013, the convention centre nests in a land of about 40 sprawling acres owned by the Puzhekadavil family. The convention centre has been purpose-built considering the best facilities and amenities from convention centres across the world, to give you a truly world-class experience.

The spectacular convention centre possesses all modern amenities and has gained the admiration and praise of many visitors to the site. The centre has already played host to some of the best wedding parties, conventions, national & international exhibitions, national & international conferences, award shows, concerts, events etc. Some of the best event organizers, wedding planners, caterers, event managers etc have endorsed Adlux Convention centre as the best that can be yet. With constant innovations in infrastructure, uplifting service and delightful food, Adlux International Convention & Exhibition Centre is simply the best convention centre in Kochi, Kerala, and the largest convention centre in South India.

We believe in giving the best in quality of facilities and services. While our facilities and services are premium quality, our prices are not premium, but marginally higher than the next best venue. That, we believe, is the margin for Adlux quality. The intangible benefit that accrues to you in terms of recognition and reverence from family, peers, friends and neighbours is much more than the marginal price difference. You can be certain that you and your event will gain that extra mileage, recognition and appreciation, just because it is hosted at Adlux International Convention & Exhibition Centre.

Adlux International Convention & Exhibition Centre brings together a variety of services under its enviable and impressive facilities. Your search for the best event destination, be it any kind of event, ends here at Adlux International Convention & Exhibition Centre. Traditional architecture intertwines with modern facilities to create a unique tranquil location for your events.Utpal Hall (Hall A)