Indriya Sands Resort

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Destination Beach Venue

banquet hall

Indriya Sands is a discreet little hideaway set on a stretch of land between the Cherai lagoon to the east and the Kuzhipalli beach to the west. To arrive at the Kuzhipalli beach, head north from Kochi or west from the airport and drive along the coastal road towards Cherai. A stone paved path winds past lush palms and a profusion of tropical plants, past the swimming pool, past the large play area for children and enter the spacious, extensively equipped banquet area that is the pivotal feature of the property.

The architecture of Indriya Sands has largely been influenced by the vernacular traditions of Kerala with thick curvaceous circular columns supporting wooden beams that bear the tile clad roof with pediments and niches in stained glass. The accommodations rooms are set at the far end of the banquet area, a set of rooms on the ground floor that are accessed by going past an antique wooden partition. A stairway leads up to another set of rooms with balconies on the first floor, all offering excellent views of the lagoon and the pool and to the west past a line of trees, the sea. Contemplate the day as it unfolds. The rooms are all luxurious without being ostentatious: wooden roofs, stylishly elegant fabrics and the state of the art in amenities.

Across the road is the Kuzhipalli beach, a stretch of soft golden brown sand interspersed with casuarina groves. From a pier at the edge of the lagoon guests may opt to row out in a kayak or chose to cruise in a country boat and explore the fascinating water channels that branch out into the landscape. The exploration of the backwaters is a fascinating experience viewing endemic and migratory species of birds at close quarters, study native fishing practices and observe first hand the way of life of the people in the area for whom the waterways are an integral part of their lives.